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Information on State Unitary Enterprise "O'xmedimpeks" of the Agensy for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan - SUE "O'zmedimpeks" is one of the structural divisions of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main tasks of SUE "O'zmedimpeks" are:
Provision of medicinal products, medical equipment, and other products of medical nature, works and services performed by the enterprise, demanded by institutions of the Ministry of Public Health and the republics population;
Realization of state orders of the Ministry of Public Health on procurement of medicines, medical equipment, and other products of medical nature using the centralized funds and state credit lines;
Studying and utilization of competitive markets of goods, rendering and procuring services of foreign economic nature related to export and import of goods and services.

With the purpose of conducting its activities, SUE "O'zmedimpeks" engages three specialized firms:

MEDPRIBOR carries out procurement of medical equipment and hardware;
PHARMPREPARAT carries out procurement of medicinal products, vaccines, serums, and goods of medical nature for preventive clinics;
MEDCOMPLECT carries out complete turnkey delivery of equipment, procurement of consumables and various products of medical purpose;

Currently the following officials manage the company:
  Klychev Kurban Davletovich,  Director
  Turabdjanov Fakhriddin Khusniddin Ogli,   First Deputy of  Director
  Sabir Karimovich Gafurov,    Deputy  Director

Our address:
SUE "O'zmedimpeks"
H. Abdullaev street 32B
700077, Tashkent

Tel.: (998 71) 268 25 44
Fax: (998 71) 268 36 01
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