“Procurement of the Vitamin-Mineral Mixture for Flour Fortification / Premix”

1.      The Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan  on behalf of  labour Body CPIB “Health-3”, declares International Competitive Bidding for procurement of the Vitamin-Mineral Mixture for Flour Fortification / Premix open and invites eligible bidders to submit sealed bids for the delivery of:



Item of goods



Maximal price of purchased  goods in USD on CIP Tashkent terms

Bid Security amount in USD


Vitamin-Mineral Mixture for Flour Fortification / Premix


1 600 000,00

32 000,00

Supposed conditions of delivery CIP Tashkent.  within 70 days after L/C becomes effective


2.          A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by all interested bidders upon submission of a written Application/Guarantee Letter about compliance to qualification criteria to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of USD 200.00 (two hundred). Local bidders as well as bidders having accredited representations in the Republic of Uzbekistan pay cost of bidding documents  in Uzbek Sums at the exchange rate fixed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment. Payment may be made via bank transfer only to one of two following accounts of CPIB “Health-3”:

USD account: acc. ¹ 20210840504947771004, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Invest Finance Bank", address: 18b, Navoi str., Tashkent, 100011 Republic of Uzbekistan; SWIFT: INFBUZ2X, Correspondent account 30111840610000217501 â OJSC “Promsvyazbank” Moscow, Russia SWIFT Code: PRMSRUMM. or

Uzbek Sum account: acc. no. 22696000304947771004, Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Invest Finance Bank", address: 18b, Navoi str., Tashkent, 100011 Republic of Uzbekistan; MFO 01041.

All banking charges and fees related to the bank transfer (including correspondent bank charges) shall be on the bidder’s account. Cash payments and certified checks are not accepted. The complete set of bidding documents may be sent to the bidder by courier or handed over to the authorized representative of the bidder at the below address upon receipt of a written request providing full contact details of the bidder and availability of document confirming payment of the non-refundable fee for documents. The Bidder’s application shall contain an e-mail address (if any) where bidding documents can be sent .


      The bidding documents is available from February 13, 2016.

3.      Bids shall be submitted at the following address: CPIB “Health-3”, 51, Parkentskaya str., Tashkent, 100007, Republic of Uzbekistan by 14:00 o’clock (local time) on March 24, 2016.

4.     Bids shall be opened at the presence of Bidders’ applicants/representatives who choose to attend at 15:00 (Tashkent time) on March 24, 2016., at the following address at the Small Conference Room, Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical Education, 51, Parkentskaya str., Tashkent city, 100007, Republic of Uzbekistan.

5.      The offers of applicants/representatives shall be accompanied by the Bid Security in the form of a Bank Guarantee or Advance.

6.      The companies, wishing to participate in the present bids, simultaneously together with the application for participation in the bids, at least one day prior to date of bids opening have to submit the Guarantee Letter – the declaration for qualification selection of applicants for the admission to participation in the bids. The declaration should contain the following data confirmed by applicants, that the Bidder:

§       is not in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

§       the Bidder will in due time provide all documents necessary to confirm the fulfillment of the requirements of the qualification selection;

§       does not have a record of non-performance of obligations under earlier concluded contracts;

§       was established not less than six months before the tender announcement;

§       is not undergoing any legal or arbitrage case with the Customer or the Labour Body.

Non-provision by the Bidder of the Guarantee Declaration Letter can form the basis for rejection of his bid, which will be returned to the Bidder as one not meeting the requirements of the qualification selection criteria; Terms of preliminary qualification selection of applicants for participation in the bids are specified in bidding documents.

7.      All legal entities irrespective of forms of ownership, foreign and domestic producers (suppliers), including subjects of small business can take part in the bids. For domestic producers there are existing price preferences provided by the legislation.

8.      The current procurement shall be purchased by the funds of accumulation account, created in accordance with the Joint Resolution of the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, the Ministry of Health “On approval of regulations for the order of accumulation of part of funds of milling enterprises from implementation of flour fortification” and registered by the Ministry of Justice on November 19, 2005 under #1522.

Additional information and package of bidding documents is available at following address:


     CPIB “Health-3” 51, Parkentskaya Street, Tashkent, 100007, the Republic of Uzbekistan

Tel.:  (+998 71) 268 17 29.

Fax: (+998 71) 268 17 29




     Best regards,


     S.N. Atakhanov