Invitation to International Competitive Procurement ICP ¹ 507-1 K-15/26

“Procurement of Medical Equipment and Medical surgical tools”

                                                                                                                                                                         Date:  06.10.2015


The Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on behalf of RSFEE “Uzmedexport “ declares International Competitive Procurement of medical equipment and invites eligible bidders to submit their bids to the supply of:


Item of goods



The complete set of surgical tools. Type I

6 sets


The complete set of surgical tools. Type 2

3 sets


Rack-action mouth retractor 

17 pcs.


Tongue holder for adults

16 pcs.


Tool kit for craniotomies in neurosurgical operations

1 set


Direct ophthalmoscope

15 pcs.



15 pcs.


Competitive offers shall be submitted in the sealed envelopes or by fax or e-mail to RSFEE “Uzmedexport” at the following address:

RSFEE Uzmedexport, 32-B, M. Ulugbek str., Tashkent, 100077, Republic of Uzbekistan, tel.: (+998 71) 268 35 09; 268 25 44 or by fax: (+998 71) 268 36 01 or E-mail:; by 14:00 hours (local time) 16.10.2015. Competitive offers shall be opened at the presence of Applicant/Bidder’s representatives who choose to attend, at the address: 32-B, M. Ulugbek str., Tashkent, 100077 the Republic of Uzbekistan, at 14:10 hours (local time) 16.10.2015.

The Procurement is open to all legal entities regardless of the form of property, foreign and local manufacturers (suppliers) including small-scale business owners. Pricing Preferences provided for by the legislation shall apply for local manufacturers.


Payment terms: by irrevocable L/C;

Delivery terms: CIP-Tashkent, 60 days;

The Supplier’s obligations are the delivery terms as well:

-       register medical goods in the Head Department of Drug and Medical Equipment Quality Control (if HCC code requires);  

More detailed information on the terms and conditions of Competitive Procurement is available on site: