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Procurement of Works, Goods and Services:

Types and methods of Procurement
Depending on volume, range and type of goods to be purchased, one of the following methods of procurement is applied:

International Competitive Biding (open tenders);
Limited International Bidding (closed tenders);
National Competitive Bidding (NCB);
Direct Contract Signing.

Centralized procurement of goods of medical purposes, as well as procurement in the framework of credit lines and inter-governmental agreements, exceeding in volume 100.000,00 US Dollars are usually realized through International Competitive Bidding (tender).

In the event of procurement not exceeding in volume 100.000,00 US Dollars and ICB is not cosidered as the most efficient and economic method of procurement, other metods can be deemed as appropriate.

International Competitive Bidding
(open tender)
The purpose of running tender is to raise the effectiveness and the usage of budget resources, as well as currency resources.
The basic principles of tender organization is to allow equal competitive opportunities to bidders, evaluation objectivity and requirements unity.
SUE "O'zmedimpeks" and Tender Commission under the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan are in charge of organization and realization of tender on determining suppliers of goods for medical purposes.
A Bidder, whose offers completely correspond to conditions of tender, pursuant to Instructions to Bidders (ITB), and best of all conform to evaluation and qualification criteria, shall be concluded a state contract for the supply of goods required.
During realization of tender a potential supplier may undertake its obligations on supply through its representetive (authorized person) and third part in accordance with the legislation in force.
Preparation and organization of tender realization
The tender commission is formed to realize a tender, and its quantitative and personnel staff is confirmed by the order of the Ministry of Public Health of RUz.

SUE "O'zmedimpeks":
- organizes publication of information about tender conditions in a proper order in one of Republican press published periodically;
- receives and registers offers and documents submitted by bidders;
- checks up submitted documentds on responsiveness to bidding documents requirements;
- based on results of tender, prepares and concludes contracts with successful bidders .
Tender Commission:
- views offers and documents submitted by bidders;
- determines successful bidder of tender, prepares a notification letter to a successful bidder about acception of its offer and invites it for preparation and signing a contract;
- informs the community on tender results.

The decision is made based on voting by members of tender commission. In case of voice equality, the chairman of tender commission has the right of decisive voice.
The working regulations of tender commission are worked out and approved with the Ministry of Public Health of RUz and are confirmed by the tender commission chairman.
For realization of tender SUE "O'zmedimpeks" presents the confirmed conditions of tender to tender commission, that include:
- the goal and subject of tender;
- technic, economic and other necessary characteristics of goods required;
- performance and delivery terms;
- financing conditions of tender and other conditions.

Criterion of determining tender winner is graunded in a bidder's ability to supply goods corresponding to required technical parameters on the most economic conditions and the lowest competitive prices.
Based on received documents, tender commission issues an information letter that shall include the following:
- tender conditions and criterion of determining tender winner;
- the deadline for a bid and other documents submission for participating in tender;
- date, time and place of opening of envelopes with offers;
- telephone number for contacting.

Conditions of participating in tenders.
Legal persons, recognized as potential performers of orders in accordance with the legislation and who timely submitted applications for participating in tender and other necessary documents, are allowed to bid.
The following documents are to be presented to tender commission for participation:
- application for participation in a form specified in the annex to this Provision;
- notarized copies of establishing documents and licenses for carrying out presupposed types of activity;
- offers prepared in writing, denominated in US dollars, on terms of CIP-Tashkent and sealed in separate envelope pursuant to Instructions to Bidders;
- information on financial status (bank inquiry) and/or necessary financial figures;
- Performance Security in the amount of 2 % of the bid price.

Applications and documents shall not be accepted after the set deadline for submission.
After receiving documents SUE "O'zmedimpeks" sends a notification in writing to an applicant about its participation in tender and the date of registration of its application. The applicant gets status of bidder from the date of notification.
The information on persons, who has submitted application for participation in tender, is not subject to publication.
Bidder is enabled to withdraw its bid(s) prior to the set date for opening tender by sending a notification in writing about withdrawal. In this case Performance Security will be returned back to it.
If the bidder withdraws its bid(s) after the deadline for submission of documents, the sum of Performance Security will not be returned back to it.
Any modification by bidder is allowed only within the period prior to the deadline for submission of documents and must be made in writing.

A firm or an organization may be rejected from participating in tender, if it:
- can not be recognized as performer in accordance with the legislation in force;
- has failed to submit all necessary documents specified in this Provision;
- is at the stage of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;
- has failed to timely submit all necessary documents for qualification;
- performed improperly its obligations on contracts concluded previously;
- was established less than 6 months ago prior to the tender advertising;
- does not conform to the requirements of tender commission on commercial and financial characteristics.

The given list of basis for rejection is exhaustive.
The bidders are forbidden to exchange or divulge information concerning their submission of bids from the date of publication about tender up to its coclusion. Nonfulfillment of this requirement is qualified as a rude breach of tender rules.

The order of consideration of offers:
The Bidders' offers are considered by tender commission based on the set tender conditions and a winner determining criterion.
Tender conditions are obligatory to all Bidders and the more qualitative performance of stipulated conditions do not give any advantages before other participants.
The commission announces a successful bidder, whose offers are deemed as mostly responsive to the tender conditions and present the most advantageous economic terms of goods delivery.
If two or more bidders' offers have been found as responsive to tender conditions and present the same most advantageous economic terms, the bidder that submitted its application earlier shall become the winner. In case even this does not result in determining the winner, tender commission shall determine the winner through lottery.
The envelopes shall be opened at specified date and time at the meeting of tender commission. The tender commission shall check on observance of all the formalities, presence of all the required information and documents, and issues a protocol based on results of works done where all the received offers and their conformance to tender conditions are recorded (fixed). Offers that do not conform to the tender conditions will not be allowed for further consideration and are fixed in the protocol separately. Concealment of applications submitted for participating in tender result in an administrative responsibility in accordance with the legislation in force. In this case the results of tender will be found invalid.
Having familiarized with offers presented, each member of tender commission issues a conclusion letter with substantiate of his/her own choice. The decision on winner of tender is made by commission chairman at the day of envelopes opening on the basis of conclusions of tender commission members.

The final protocole contains conclusion of tender commission on the following form:
- order requisites;
- composition of tender commision;
- information on participants of tender;
- conclusions of members of tender commission in writing with substantiate of choice;
- the name of successful idder;
- the successful bidder's economic and financial conditions of goods delivery.
The protocol involves a project of letter prepared by tender commission to the successful bidder with notification about acception of its offer and invitation for coming to sign contract.
The protocol and project of contract are presented for confirmation, and after being confirmed they're sent to the successful bidder.

Limited International Bidding (closed tender)
Limited International Bidding is essentially ICB by direct invitation without open advertisement. It may be an appropriate method of procurement where there is only a limited number of suppliers of necessary goods and works.
Under LIB, offers shall be sought from a list of potential suppliers broad enough to assure competitive prices. Such list to include all suppliers when there are only alimited number.
Domestic preferences are not applicable in the evaluation of bids under LIB.
In all respects other than advertisement , ICB procedures shall apply.

National Competitive Bidding (tender)
National Competitive Bidding is the competitive bidding procedure normally used for public procurement in which national suppliers are bidding.
Advertising may be limited to the national press or official gazette.
The procedures shall provide for adequate competition in order to ensure reasonable prices. Methods used in the evaluation of bids and determining a successful bidder shall be made known to all bidders.
Foreign firms may also participate in bidding on specified conditions.
Shopping is a procurement method based on comparing price quotations obtained from several suppliers, with a minimum of three, to assure competitive price.
This procurement method is used when the volume of procurement does not exceed 100.000,00 US Dollars.
Requests for quotations shall indicate the technical characteristics and parameters of goods, quantity, and preferable dates and destinations of delivery. Quotations may be submitted by telex or facsimile. The evaluation of quotations shall take into account prices and other information that have an impact on competitiveness of goods, which are fixed in competitive list.
International procurement through shopping includes getting information at least from three suppliers of two different countries.
Direct Contracting
Direct contracting is contracting without competition (single source) and may be an appropriate method under the following circumstances:
- extension of the existing contarct for supply of goods, works and services of a similar nature;
- standardization of equipment or spare parts, to be compatible with existing equipment, may justify additional purchases from the original supplier;
- the required equipment, works and services are proprietary and obtained only from one source.
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